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An issue which is often overlooked or avoided by individuals new to 3D is the necessity of fine-tuning projects in conjunction with a compositing package.
March 15, 2010 Today Views: 1 Total Views: 1,921
Ok, this drove me nuts for a good week... If you are using a 3D paint package to paint texture channels of a multi-patch NURBS model, you may find that when you import your textures, your edges display artifacts when rendered...
March 12, 2010 Today Views: 1 Total Views: 1,775
3d models

Simple Fog

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Simple fog is the basic environment fog settings used when creating fog effects in Maya. As with any environment fog type, Maya creates a volumetric material. In the case of simple fog attributes, the clipping distance can be adjusted as well as the height, saturation point and color...
March 11, 2010 Today Views: 1 Total Views: 2,347
This tutorial outlines a technique which is quite handy when setting up an arm. Very often I see work where the movement/rotations are incorrect at the wrist as people sometimes overlook how things actually work below the elbow.
March 9, 2010 Today Views: 1 Total Views: 1,566
There are situations where a phenomenon's velocity or speed is related to it's behavior or appearance. Perhaps the incandecence increases as a particle moves faster... or the color changes from blue to red. Perhaps some dust is resting on an object, but once it gets blown away it also begins...
March 8, 2010 Today Views: 1 Total Views: 1,675
Here's a common problem... you add fog to a spotlight, render an image and... no fog. The problem is simple and is inherit to how Maya calculates lightfog.
February 26, 2010 Today Views: 1 Total Views: 1,915
Fog is a term often used to represent a variety of natural phenomenon within a 3D renderer. In nature, fog consists of water vapor yet in Maya you may use 'fog' to also represent dust, smoke, air, smog, plasma, nebulae or even magical glows and spells.
February 25, 2010 Today Views: 1 Total Views: 1,436
To generate a realistic candle flame, the first thing to do, of course, is to light a candle and stare at it. What should become evident are some of the behavioral and visual elements which define its appearance.
February 10, 2010 Today Views: 1 Total Views: 1,834
Say you have a patch model with 200 patches and you want to use a 3D paint package to paint the fur color. Go ahead and load the surfaces into your paint package, paint color, and import them into Maya as your surface's color. This should create a switch node on the material's color...
October 26, 2009 Today Views: 1 Total Views: 1,683
If you have never made a hotkey driven custom marking menu, go to Options/Customize UI/Marking Menus. Hit 'Create Marking Menu'. You can then middle-mouse-button drag items from the shelf into one of the quadrants...
October 9, 2009 Today Views: 1 Total Views: 1,171
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